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Is your beautiful garden being ruined by the drought?

Climate change is transforming traditional weather patterns around the world and the UK is no exception. The summer of 2022 brought about the hottest, driest year on record, with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees C and three consecutive months without any rainfall, culminating in hosepipe bans across most of the UK.

These were unprecedented weather conditions but sadly will become the norm for the foreseeable future. Keen gardeners have seen their well-tended lawns and flower beds decimated through lack of water.

Households are now looking at ways and means of becoming independent for their water supply. At Rainwater Harvesting Systems we offer a wide range of water harvesting tanks that capture the water which cascades from their roof. From 100 to 30,000 liters capacity, there is a tank to suit all needs.

We offer a free site visit that will calculate the most suitable tank size to meet your needs based on the footprint of the property and also determine the best location for the rainwater downpipes to connect to the tank.

Our Product

We offer a wide variety of size and capacity; there is a choice of vertical and horizontal and a choice of three colours, green, blue, and black. Aesthetically a horizontal tank may be the preferred shape and green the most suitable in terms of blending in with lawns, trees, and hedgerows but the choice is there for those who prefer the installation to be as unobtrusive as possible, the tank can be installed below ground level.

A particular feature of the system is the filtration unit which carries out several key functions including a two-step cleaning process independent of flow rate ensuring high filtration efficiency. The filter kit has been designed for roof sizes up to 450 square meters and comprises a Combi Filter unit, siphon overflow, and calmed inlet.

The filter cartridge assists continuous removal of dirt and is also frost-resistant, self-cleaning, and low maintenance. Water is equally distributed across the cascade where cleaning occurs, through the cascades with the largest dirt particles forced across the primary filter cascading directly to the soakaway or stormwater drain.

Pre-filtered water then flows across the secondary filter sieve (mesh size 0.65 mm) where the mesh structure washes any remaining dirt into the sewer. Cleaned water flows into the tank via a calmed inlet which is designed to undertake a secondary cleaning step by allowing the water to enter the tank with minimal turbulence, thereby not disturbing any sediment which may be present at the bottom of the tank.

Calmed rainwater entering the tank supplies oxygen to the water resting at the lower end of the tank, keeping it fresh by preventing anaerobic decomposition. Finally the overflow siphon, with a calm inlet to prevent incoming water from disturbing any sediment in the tank and incorporates a skimming inlet that skims the surface water inside the storage tank removing further debris, oils, and other floating contaminants, thereby increasing the quality of the stored water.

The filtration unit is mounted on a bracket and located between the downpipes and the tank water inlet.

The efficiency of the filtration process means that you can use the end product for anything apart from drinking it!

To see examples of our products, visit our "Examples" page, under the heading "Sample Products"

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